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Tigers have great showing at ANS Indoor Open

Tigers have great showing at ANS Indoor Open

The Tigers track and field team had a great showing at the Canada Games Centre for the ANS Indoor Open last weekend. Standout performances include Chloe Richardson who took first in both the women's 18-19 60M dash and 60M 33" hurdles, Lorena Heubach who took first in the women's 20-34 high jump and long jump university pool, Nick Beaulieu taking first in the men's 18-19 60M dash and long jump, and last but not least Matt Coolen who took first in the men's 20-34 60M dash and 60M 42" hurdles.


Chloe Richardson (Women 18-19 60M Dash, 60M Hurdles 33")

Maya Reynolds (Women 20-34 60M Dash)

Eden Bishop (Women 18-19 300M Dash)

Brooklyn Rawlyk (Women 20-34 1000M Run)

Renata Kingston (Women 20-34 3000M Run)

Olivia Hill (Women 20-34 60M Hurdles 33")

Maggie Dewar (Women 18-19 High Jump)

Lorena Heubach (Women 20-34 High Jump, Women 20-34 Long Jump University)

Taylor O'Leary (Women 18-19 Long Jump University)

Maria Duynisveld (Women 18-19 Triple Jump)

Nick Beaulieu (Men 18-19 60M Dash, Long Jump)

Matt Coolen (Men 20-34 60M Dash, 60M Hurdles 42")

Josh Lunda (Men 20-34 300M Dash)

Noah James (Men 20-34 800M Run)

Aidan Goslett (Men 18-19 1500M Run)

Hudson Grimshaw-Surette (Men 20-34 1500M Run)

Blair Miller (Men 20-34 1500M Run)

Daniel Rosen (Men 18-19 3000M Run)

Callum Drever (Men 20-34 3000M Run)

Trent Lynds (Men 20-34 3000M Run)

Ethan Dahr (Men 18-19 High Jump)

Toki Oshikoya (Men 18-19 Triple Jump)