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Kasheke scores in Tigers 1-1 draw with Sea-Hawks

Photo courtesy of Allison Wragg
Photo courtesy of Allison Wragg

Source: Memorial Athletics

The Tigers record now sits at 6-2-5 heading into the AUS playoffs and the Sea-Hawks will finish their 2019 season with a 3-6-3 record.  

The Sea-Hawks started things early with a shot from Kyle Williams in the 2nd minute but Tigers keeper Ben Grondin would turn it away. 
Jacob Grant of the Sea-Hawks would try in the 18th minute from just outside the top of the eighteen but it would soar high of the net to Tigers relief.  
Memorial's Kyle Williams would try amongst a scramble in front of the Dalhousie net, but to his disappointment it would strike off the crossbarOnce possession changed, the Tigers had a similar opportunity when Duncan Henry sent one at the Sea-Hawks net, but it too would miss off the crossbar.  
Fomba Fambulleh would try for the Sea-Hawks in the 39th minute with a nice cross from the side of the eighteen but Grondin stayed true to his reputation and made the jumping save to push it over the top.    

After the half in the 56th minute, Jacob Grant put up a hard shot, but it would slip off the post and into the stands. After many back-and-forths, he would get another close opportunity to put something on the board in the 75th minute but Ben Grondin would again make the diving stop.  
Dalhousie would find a scoring opportunity in the 79th minute from Quinn Park but Sea-Hawks keeper Jacob Dyer (entered at the half) would catch it to deny the effort. 
Jacob Grant finally put the Sea-Hawks on the board in the 82nd minute with an impressive cross from the corner of the eighteen. The celebration was short lived however, when just seconds later Dalhousie player Gracious Kasheke scored off an assist from Park to tie up the game. The score would remain for the rest of the half and the game finished in a 1-1 tie.