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Historical Records

The Tigers women’s cross country team has had tremendous success with 21 Atlantic University Sport (AUS) championship titles to date including their latest title earned in the 2014 season and a Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) championship title in 2004. A highlight of Dalhousie’s women’s cross country history is a 14-year winning streak from 1986-1999. For top finishes at the AUS level, numerous athletes have been named AUS all-stars and for incredible performances at the CIS level they have been named CIS all-Canadians. For outstanding efforts in the classroom women’s cross country athletes have been recognized as CIS Academic all-Canadians.

Conference Championships

AUS Championships 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014

National Results

CIS Championships 1988 (Bronze), 2003 (Bronze), 2004 (Gold), 2006 (Bronze)

AUS All-Stars

2014 Ellen Chappell, Colleen Wilson, Britany MacArthur, Maddy Crowell, Emily Ferguson, Emily Clarke
2013 Ellen Chappell, Anna von Maltzahn, Brittany MacArthur, Natalie Sachrajda
2012 Ellen Chappell, Holly Van Gestel
2011 Ashley Chisholm, Ashley Ryer, Holly Van Gestel
2010 Jessica Belliveau, Cara Groves, Caroline Schlosser, Gina Stewart
2009 Cara Groves, Caroline Schlosser
2008 Stephanie Bennett, Caroline Schlosser, Kaitlyn Watters
2007 Caroline McInnes
2006 Janice Ashworth, Caroline McInnes, Rebecca Walker
2005 Janice Ashworth, Caroline McInnes
2004 Janice Ashworth, Hilary Burn, Karen Forward, Leanna MacLean, Sophie Williams
2003 Janice Ashworth, Hilary Burn, Rayleen Hill, Ellen Vessie
2002 Karen Forward, Cathy French, Ellen Goldbloom, Kelly McKean, Ruth Weaver, Ellen Vessie
2001 Edie Baxter, Karen Forward, Ellen Goldbloom, Liz Haney, Marianne Pierce
2000 Edie Baxter
1999 Edie Baxter, Heather Goodfellow, Carmen Holm, Kelly McKean
1998 Amy Higgins, Kristen Lewis, Kelly McKean, Sandy Smith, Juliet Thornton
1997 Jessica Fraser, Amy Higgins, Kristen Lewis, Kelly McKean, Juliet Thornton
1996 Marnie Dickens, Cindy Foley, Krista Wuerr
1995 Cindy Foley, Jessica Fraser, Margie Jenkins, Paula Peters
1994 Shari Boyle, Ashley Evans, Rayleen Hill, Tracey Hoskin, Heather Ostic
1993 Anne-Marie Farnell, Jessica Fraser, Rayleen Hill, Melina Murray, Heather Ostic, Benita Sabean
1991 Shari Boyle, Anne Marie Farnell, Rayleen Hill, Heather Mullin, Heather Ostic
1990 Anne Marie Farnell, Caroline Hipkin, Dorianne Mullin, Heather Sweet
1989 Dawn Bauld, Sue Comeau, Colleen Larkin, Shelia Poole, Lucy Smith

AUS Rookie of the Year

2012 Vanessa Linton
2011 Ellen Chappell
2003 Janice Ashworth
2001 Anne Myers
1997 Kristen Lewis

AUS Student-Athlete and Community Service Award

2011 Ashley Ryer

AUS Athlete of the Year

2011 Holly Van Gestel
2010 Caroline Schlosser
2006 Caroline McInnes
2005 Janice Ashworth
2004 Janice Ashworth
2003 Janice Ashworth
1998 Kristen Lewis
1997 Kristen Lewis
1993 Rayleen Hill
1991 Shari Boyle

AUS James Bayer Memorial Scholarship Winner

2000 Kristen Lewis

AUS Coach of the Year

2014 Rich Lehman
2013 Rich Lehman
2011 Heather Hennigar
2010 Heather Hennigar
Dan Hennigar
Dan Hennigar
1999 Al Yarr
1998 Al Yarr
1997 Al Yarr
1994 Al Yarr
1993 Al Yarr
1991 Al Yarr
1990 Al Yarr

CIS First Team All-Canadians

2006 Janice Ashworth
2005 Janice Ashworth
2004 Janice Ashworth, Hilary Burn, Leanna MacLean
2003 Janice Ashworth
1990 Lucy Smith
1989 Lucy Smith
1987 Annick de Gooyer, Lucy Smith

CIS Second Team All-Canadians

2003 Hilary Burn, Rayleen Hill
1999 Heather Goodfellow
1994 Rayleen Hill
1993 Anne Marie Farnell, Rayleen Hill
1992 Anne Marie Farnell
1991 Shari Boyle, Dorianne Mullin
1990 Anne Marie Farnell

CIS Individual Medals

2005 Janice Ashworth (Silver)
2004 Janice Ashworth (Silver)
2003 Janice Ashworth (Silver)

CIS Rookie of the Year

2003 Janice Ashworth

CIS Coach of the Year

2004 Dan Hennigar