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Tigers travel to Germany for a team building trip

Tigers travel to Germany for a team building trip

The Dalhousie Tigers women’s basketball team traveled to Germany for three preseason games last week.

After a couple of days of exploring, the Tigers battled ASC Goettingen to a tough 80-64 loss. After digging themselves an early 25-point hole, the Tiger rallied in the second half. Lia Kentzler was the team’s top scorer with 12 points followed by Hannah Chadwick with 11. Bridget McSwiggan finished with eight points and rookie Chole Wilson had six. Ariel Provo had 7 pts and 7 assists and Emily Holt had 4 pts and 4 assists.

The team then travelled to Hannover for a practice scrimmage against TK Hanover and former Tiger Tessa Stammberger.

In the final game of the trip the team played Alba Berlin. Although the gym featured a large Tigers cheering section, the team lost 70-55. Emily Holt led the team with 18 points. Kentzler added 12 points and two assists while Morgan Gause had four points and four assists.

In addition to the games the team explored the cities they were in and learned some of the history of the area.

“It was very interesting to be in Berlin on September 1,” says head coach Anna Stammberger. “It was the 80th anniversary of the beginning of World War Two when Germany attacked Poland. Overall we had an amazing experience with a fantastic balance of team building and learning German history and culture!”