Women's swimmers leading after day 1 of Jack Scholz

Photo courtesy of Peter Oleskevich
Photo courtesy of Peter Oleskevich

WOLFVILLE, N.S. – Session one of the Jack Scholz swim meet was nothing but fast and furious as the host Acadia Axemen and Axewomen hoped to challenge the visiting Dalhousie Tigers, Mount Allison Mounties and UNB Reds.

The meet opened with the 4 X 50m (200m) Medley Relay and the Tigers captured the women's race and the Acadia did the same in the men's race.

Both Acadia's Cali Bruce and Dalhousie's Isabel Sarty each won two races. Bruce lay claim to the 50m breaststroke and 200m individual medley, while Sarty captured gold in the 100m and 400m freestyle.

On the men's side, Mount Allison's Noah Mascoll-Gomes was the only swimmer to grab two wins in the 100m freestyle and 400m freestyle.

Of the sixteen individual races, the Acadia team pulled in nine gold medal wins, while the Tigers trailed with five and Mount Allison with two.

In the second and last relays of the session, the Tigers won the women's 4 X 50m freestyle relay, while the Axemen captured gold in the men's 4 X 50m freestyle relay.

The Tigers edged the Axewomen in the session one women's team standings, while the Axemen lead Dalhousie in the men's team standings.

"Coming in, we wanted too but I don't know if we can say we expected too do well and be ahead, but I think we have a team that can do it this year. Being home at our own meet, we have a bit more motivation for the guys to get up. We actually really rocked it tonight. The ladies swam well and they guys have a big lead in the men's standings. We are riding a really good way tonight and we had a lot of great swims from many and hopefully we can keep on going," commented Acadia head coach Gary MacDonald after the first session

The teams return to the pool tomorrow morning for the second and final session of the Jack Scholz Meet.

Gold Individual medal wins:

Kelsea Vessey (ACA) – 200m butterfly
Alec Karlsen (DAL) – 200m butterfly
Cali Bruce (ACA) – 50m breaststroke, 200m individual medley
Andre Walcott (ACA) – 50m breaststroke
Isabel Sarty (DAL) – 100m and 400m freestyle
Noah Mascoll-Gomes (MTA) – 100m and 400m freestyle
Gordon Shortt (ACA) – 200m individual medley
Martine Nyhof (DAL) – 100m backstroke
Dean Sangster (ACA) – 100m backstroke
Lise Cinq-Mars (DAL) – 50m butterfly
Brett Liem (ACA) – 50m butterfly
Madison Murray (ACA) – 200m breaststroke
Elyott Chang (ACA) – 200m breaststroke