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Tigers fall 3-2 to Capers

Tigers fall 3-2 to Capers

On Sunday, November 1st, the men's soccer team traveled to Cape Breton for their last regular season AUS game against the Capers. Cape Breton came away with a close 3-2 win over the Tigers with 150 supporters in attendance.

Dalhousie led the scoreboard with a goal by Zach Mbolekwa (Whitby, ON) at the 20 minute mark in the first half. The Capers rallied with a goal from Sandro Rajkovic (Hamilton, ON) in the 28th minute which tied up the score for the Capers and the Tigers.

With ten minutes left in the first half, the Capers scored another goal by Stuart Heath (Belfast, IE) which brought Cape Breton into the lead. The first half came to an end at a score of 2-1 for the Capers over the Tigers.

The Tigers came into the second half strong and scored a goal ten minutes in from Aidan Klassen (Hamilton, ON) which tied up the score once more at 2-2.

Twenty minutes into the second half of the game, Daniel Pritchard (Nuneaton, UK) got the ball to Justin Maheu (Ottawa, ON) who scored a third goal for the Capers and the final goal of the game. Dalhousie's goalie, Ryan Merlin (Halifax, NS) was put to the test with 13 shots from the Capers' side throughout the game.

The final score of the game was a 3-2 win for the Cape Breton Capers against the Dalhousie Tigers.

Dalhousie finished their 13 game season with 6 wins, 4 losses, and 3 ties which earned them 21 points and put them in 6th place. Cape Breton finished the season with 8 wins, 1 loss, and 4 ties at 28 points which brought them to 1st place for the season.