Tigers win Fourth Game in a Row 72-62 over Memorial

Tigers win Fourth Game in a Row 72-62 over Memorial

by Sjaan Scully

The Dalhousie Tigers continued their winning streak this Saturday, November 14th in their game against the Memorial Sea-Hawks. The game finished with a score of 72-52 for Dalhousie over Memorial at the Dalplex.

The first quarter started off slowly for the score board. The Tigers started with the lead and were able to maintain it for the rest of the game. Memorial's Vasilije Curcic (Novi Sad, Serbia) scored the first dunk of the game with only minutes left in the first quarter, but this couldn't bring the Sea-Hawks into the lead. The first quarter finished with Dalhousie 7 points ahead of Memorial standing at 20-13.

The Sea-Hawks stepped up their game with some great passing which led to several scoring opportunities for the team. They managed to put away 17 points in the second quarter compared to their 13 in the first. Despite the Sea-Hawks' best offensive attempts, the Tigers maintained their lead.

Going into the second half, Memorial's Daniel Gordon (Scarborough, ON) led with the most points at 13, followed by Dalhousie's Jarred Reid (Aurora, ON) and Cedric Sanogo (Montreal, QC) with 8 points each. The half finished at a score of 35-30 for Dalhousie over Memorial.

The Tigers and the Sea-Hawks picked up the intensity in the second half and the score followed suit. Dalhousie increased their score by 18 points and Memorial improved with 15 points bringing the score to 53-45 for the Tigers.

Cedric Sanogo started the scoring for the fourth quarter with a three pointer one minute into the quarter. Kashrell Lawrence (Brampton, ON) made a great steal with 5 minutes left in the game and drove the ball to the net to make the dunk on his own. This earned the team another two points and added to Lawrence's 10 points overall. The game finished with 2 free throws for Jarred Reid and ended at a score of 72-62 for Dalhousie over Memorial.

Memorial's Daniel Gordon was a strong offensive threat for the Sea-Hawks and scored 21 points in the game overall, earning him the title of Subway player of the game for Memorial. Jarred Reid led as top scorer for Dalhousie with 14 points overall. Cedric Sanogo was named Subway player of the game for the Tigers.

Dalhousie (3-0) will play again on Wednesday, November 18th against Saint Mary's (0-2) on the Huskies' court. Memorial's (2-2) next game will be against UNB (0-2) on Saturday, November 21st.