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Tigers Training Tips

Tigers Training Tips

With everyone stuck at home, we thought we'd get our Tigers working on videoing some skills and challenges for all of our junior Tigers out there to help them stay active and learn some new skills.

Each week we'll post a skill-based video and a challenge-based video in two of our sports. They'll go out Monday through Thursday each week on our social media channels and will be posted right here as well.

We hope you enjoy them and will take some time to show us your skills and tag us online!

Skill Challenges
Soccer #4: Enrico's 2nd bin challenge
Hockey #2: Amy's stick chellenge
Volleyball #3: Arcel's keep up challenge
Volleyball #2: Julie's pass, set...header? Challenge 
Volleyball #1: Keep up with Julie 
Hockey #1: Andrew's one leg stickhandling challenge
Soccer #3: Ben's keeper plank challenge 
Soccer #2: Enrico's bin challenge 
Basketball #2: Sam W's Mikan drill challenge 
Basketball #1: Keevan's double crossover challenge
Soccer #1: Zoe's keep up challenge


Skill Development
Soccer #1: Turns with Riley
Basketball #1: Passing with Emily & Brinly
Basketball #2: Low dribbling with Aaliyah
Soccer #2: 1v1 with Riley
Soccer #3: Dribbling with Enrico 
Hockey #1: Stick handling with Connor
Hockey #2: Figure 8's with Connor & Andrew 
Volleyball #1: Forearm passing with Julie